About us

We are a small eco startup that's on a mission. We want to show people a greener way to enjoy their favorite drink or smoothie. Thereby saving the earth!

If you want to make a difference please contact us.

Our Products

Serving Eco Friendly Pasta Straws And More. We sell small and large amounts. Depending on the individuals or company's budgets. If we know the type of budget you have or the amount of straws, we can be flexible. Our pasta and corn straws have no plastic or PLA in them and are therefore 100% biodegradable, organic, and vegan friendly. They are also edible.

And remember that plastic straws and PLA's will be banned by 2021

To order, please contact us at sales@plasticnomore.fi

Pasta Straw, Wheat
Ecological pasta straw.
Pasta Straw, Corn
Ecological pasta straw
Pasta Straw, Wheat 5 kg bag
Ecological pasta straw. Contact for price.
Pasta Straw, Corn 5 kg bag
Ecological pasta straw. Contact for price.

The Team

Here's our team. We come from different backgrounds, but our love for planet earth made us think a way to fight againts plastic, which is poisoning our air and water. And this solution was to replace plastic straws with Pasta Straws.

Jay St Louis

Founder, Artisan & CEO

More later

Marno Kulmala

Founder & Computer guy

Years of experience in all things digital

Contact Us

At this point only email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When stored in a cool and dry place, pasta straws will last for up to 3 years.
Regular: Durum Wheat Semolina and water. Gluten Free: Yellow Corn.
Yes, but be cautious that cans that have been shaken in transport might "over flow" the first time, when putting in the straw. So just let it stand for a bit (or breathe a moment).
If you are a bar, nightclub or restaurant and want to make a large order or planning your next event we can help you out don't hesistate to reach us at sales@plasticnomore.fi.
They will stay sturdy and stiff for an hour(plus) in cold drinks.
No, pasta straws are not recommended in hot beverages as it might cause sever injury, like mouth or tongue burn, possibly worse.
Yes, our Pasta Straws made from YELLOW CORN are gluten free. Regular wheat duram pasta straws are not for those with Celiac and Allergies.
There is no taste therefore the flavour of your drink is always fantastic and does not get altered.
Yes they are, they start to decompose over night (after use in a drink).
YES, they are made of wheat and water, or YELLOW CORN. So if you have celiac or have a wheat allergy, please do not eat the Wheat and Water version.
Yes, they are. No animal products involved.


  1. (WHEAT): the diameter is approx. 7.5mm, the length varies between 23-24cm.
  2. (YELLOW CORN) the diameter is approx. 10mm, the length varies between 16-18cm.

Other sizes (thickness, length, color) are available upon request.

They will ship out within 1 business day. Shipping costs may be added. Contact us to find out more.